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CHES Health Educator, ACSM Personal Trainer, Public Health Degree

Been in the Fitness Industry Since: 2014

Certifications: Precision Nutrition Nutrition Coach (Pn1), ACSM Personal Trainer, ACE Health Coach


After graduating from Purdue University, I started my health coaching career. I always knew I loved helping people but this job made it even more clear. When I moved to Wichita, I wanted to help others on a more personal level so I began taking on clients 1-on-1 as a personal trainer while also helping my clients with their nutrition. Now, I solely help our GoTime clients with their nutrition and helping them create a healthy lifestyle.


I love that all of us at GoTime want to help our clients create a healthy lifestyle that can be maintained for the rest of their lives.

Special Interests:

Traveling, hiking, spending time with friends and family

Fun Fact:

I did my first internship in college in Sydney, Australia.

Favorite Splurge Food:

Any sort of sweets!

More Background:

Growing up, I was always active in multiple sports with gymnastics being my main concentration. Once I got to college, I had no idea how to workout in a gym or what proper nutrition was. Once I started researching on my own and taking classes at Purdue University, I fell in love with learning about the human body and how to properly fuel yourself with your food. After graduating from Purdue with a bachelor's in Public Health Promotion, I became a health coach at WebMD and I learned that I really enjoyed helping people with their fitness goals. When I moved to Wichita, I began as a personal trainer and I included nutrition coaching with my clients as I know how big of a role nutrition plays in their results. Now, I love working solely at the nutrition coach at GoTimeTraining!

As a nutrition coach, it is so rewarding to see clients transform their bodies and their mindset around a healthy diet. I love teaching people that you do not need to go to extremes to see results. My clients learn you do not have to fear food and you can still eat the foods you love in moderation. I believe your diet should enhance your life, not hinder it.  I am a Certified Precision Nutrition coach, a Certified Health Education Specialist through NCHEC, and an ACSM Certified Personal Trainer.

Three interesting facts you may not know about me is that I have scoliosis and a form of spina bifida and had to wear a back-brace until I was 15, I studied abroad in Sydney, Australia the summer before my senior year at Purdue, and I have gone shark cage diving with great whites in South Africa.

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