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Apply for GoTimeTraining's Wichita Personal Trainer School to become an ACE certified Personal Trainer with hands on experience in 6-months

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The goal of this Wichita Personal Trainer School is to teach passionate health minded individuals how to become an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, understand group fitness, and provide actual personal training experience with a real GoTimeTraining client. All of this in approximately 6-months and for less than 20% of similar local college courses.


Select each box below to read more about the three phases of our program!

The first 6 weeks of your Personal Trainer School Program will be spent in our classroom learning the key principles of the American Council of Exercise (ACE), a nationally recognized Certified Personal Training license. Your program will be instructed by our Lead Personal Trainer with over 17-years of personal training experience and over 6-years of teaching ACE and NASM certifications. Phase 1 includes everything you need to know to pass your ACE examination at a local testing center within 6-8 weeks from your start! If you’ve been wanting to become a personal trainer but putting off your studying, you’ll love the accountability of this program!

You’ll learn a lot about working with private personal training clients but let’s not forget about Group Fitness Training. Including Group Fitness Training in your program offerings as a Personal Trainer can substantially increase your hourly income potential and it provides a low budget offering to reach a greater market for your services. Our Program includes Group Fitness Shadowing to learn the ins and outs of our Semi-Private Training Program and Large Group Bootcamps. You’ll get an insiders view at how we assess our group fitness clients and personally adjust each clients program to meet their needs and fitness level. Additionally, you’ll learn how to smartly program for group fitness with limited equipment, spacial constraints, and build a motivating environment to make you an awesome Personal Trainer. You’ll even be expected to build your own group fitness training programming and workouts!

The final phase of our program includes a 12-week Internship with a real client. You’ll experience first hand from start to finish how to begin working with an actual client, build their training program according to their needs, and motivate them to success. Typically, we coach clients through weight-loss transformations but if you’re goal is to train athletes, just let us know and we’ll find just the right client for you. Your Internship hours will be based upon your schedule and coordinated with our clients and training staff to ensure a good fit. Having your certification is great but having 24 hours of client experience is invaluable in building your confidence and resume when starting your personal training career.




Flexible Schedule


Are you currently working and don't have time for hours and hours of school? If you said yes, our Wichita Personal Trainer School is right up your alley. Our students are just like you, busy people with careers and families. Your program is catered to your individual schedule. Typically students elect for weekend class times and we onboard new students every 6-8 weeks. Let us know when you're ready to get started!


Gain Confidence

Personal Training clients want to know they are working with an expert and not just someone who obtained a weekend certification online. You'll be learning from our GoTimeTraining's Lead Personal Trainer whom has over 17 years of client experience and 6+ years of teaching ACE and NASM certification courses.


Learn About Nutrition

At GoTimeTraining we focus heavily on improving the nutrition habits of our clients. You'll learn the basics of nutrition during your program but you'll also get to see how we coach our clients on making an actual lifestyle transformation to achieve their fitness goals. If you're passionate about helping others, you're going to LOVE our program.



We can't guarantee a Personal Training job at the graduation of your program but you'll be able to secure an awesome career with an already established resume and client experience. However, we teach our students to be the best and those who stand out are always next to be brought onboard as full or part-time Personal Training and Administrative staff.



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