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5 Ab Workouts to a Strong Core & Less Back Pain

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5 Ab Workouts to a Strong Core & Less Back Pain

5 Ab Workouts Without Crunches or Back Pain

Most of our clients spend their days seated in their desk chairs, standing on their feet in surgery, or driving about making sales calls. With all those instances, can come low back aches and pains.

Everyone needs a life that is pain free but then we still see public gyms full of “ab” crunches and sit-ups that may be doing more harm than good.

Modern exercise research from experts like Dr. Stuart Mcgill has taught us that repeated flexion through crunches and situps can be damaging to our spine and its discs. That is no bueno.

We have a list of our top 5 ab workouts that our personal trainers recommend to build a strong core through functional exercise. Meaning, these exercises will directly carry over to a well balanced strength training program and your everyday life.

After all, we are all just training for life. A healthy and happy life that is pain free!

Top 5 Back Friendly Ab Workouts:

1. Pallof Press – We love this one performed in several positions such as half kneeling or tall kneeling (both knees) but standing is most challenging. It challenges the core through anti-rotation while working hip stabilization and you’ll need very little equipment to perform this. We call it a sleeper exercise. You’ll learn why soon enough.

2. Body Saws – Here’s another easy looking core exercise with very little movement and equipment. At our studio, we use carpet sliders on our indoor turf. You can get carpet sliders at any hardware store. Body saws will train your core to resist extension and we recommend using this one after mastering a plank.

3. Stationary Bear Crawl – If you’ve been to our Bootcamps you’ve likely done a form of bear crawls but this one may be new to you. One issue we can see with traditional bear crawls is excessive hip movement side to side. We like the stationary version to help clients dissociate hip extension for low back extension. It looks so simple but give it a try.

4. Turkish Get Ups – Our ninja status semi-private training clients know this one all too well. It’s one of our go to warm-up movements for those without any restrictions. It will challenge the core through anti-extension (sway low back), anti-lateral flexion (side bending), and hip extension. Not to mention shoulder stability and lots more. Grab a kettlebell or dumbbell and be prepared for a whole new sore while you build a strong core!

5. Deadbugs – Just like it sounds, you look like a bug on its back. This is another great way to train the core to resist extension and help relieve low back pain over time. Check out the video for tips on how to progress this movement with your breathing and adding some light weight. Be sure to keep your low back pushed to the floor on this core exercise.

Give these 5 strong core exercises a try and if you’re tired of feeling winded walking up the stairs and struggling with back pain, we’d love to help you transform your lifestyle and health.

All it takes is 2-3 hours per week for that “me time” to get the doctor off your back and in better health! Hear from 5 women who just like you, who were starting to lose hope that they would never feel good in their bodies again.

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