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  • Getting Started

    Getting Started

    I’m going to share a hard truth. Motivation isn’t enough to get you from where you are, to whatever version of your best self you can imagine. BJ Fogg creates a fun image in his book Tiny Habits where he explains the Motivation Monkey and how this silly fella will help you get all these great ideas, lose 10lbs, run a 5k, eat veggies every day and he might even get you far enough to join a gym, sign up for a race and go grocery shopping. Then, do you know what he does? HE BAILS ON YOU! You’re left with a fancy new scale, a bib number and bundle of broccoli with zero desire to do anything at all. That’s why motivation isn’t enough. ....

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  • Joining A Gym Jitters

    Joining A Gym Jitters

    Going into an unfamiliar atmosphere of any kind can be intimidating, confusing, and uncomfortable for everyone. As a personal trainer and someone who has been in the fitness industry for five years now, I have heard from countless people about how scary going into the gym can be. Often, I have people tell me that they don't know what they are doing. They don't feel comfortable with all the people or instantly start comparing themselves to others. These are just a couple of things I have experienced personally as a regular gym-goer and someone who works in the fitness world. The first piece of advice that I can offer to people who have no idea what they are doing when ....

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  • 4 Fitness Myths

    4 Fitness Myths

    1) Pain after a workout means your muscles are growing Many people associate soreness after a workout as a way of muscle growth or vice versa, indicating that if you're not sore after a workout, your muscles will not grow. So if you don't experience the usual soreness after a workout, it doesn't mean your muscle won't grow or you haven't worked them. Instead, it may just mean that your muscles have adapted to the workload you have been doing, so then the reaction your muscle has to the amount of stress/strain you have been putting it through, which exhibits post-training soreness is reduced because the muscle is more robust. If, however, you do experience any intense or sharp ....

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  • How Your Psychological State Affects Injury

    How Your Psychological State Affects Injury

    How Your Psychological State Affects Injury Many have experienced or observed someone who has experienced an injury related to performing some physical activity. Injury is inherently a risk despite taking all the necessary precautions, especially in more vigorous physical activities. With the help of scientific research, this brief blog addresses the psychological contributions, reactions, and rehabilitation to injury. Contributions Physical factors are the leading causes of injury while performing an activity (muscle imbalance, overtraining, fatigue), but psychological factors can also play a big part. Sports psychologists Jean Williams and Mark Andersen ....

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  • Big announcement from GoTimeTraining!

    Big announcement from GoTimeTraining!

    Dear GoTime Family, I am thrilled to announce that my family and I have taken ownership of GoTimeTraining. The team and I are very excited to continue serving you all through this new chapter of this amazing community. I am very grateful for everyone that has been a part of the GoTime family and continues to commit to living a happier and healthier lifestyle. I want to give a huge thanks to all of my clients that I have worked with personally, and please know that you have been a huge impact on my career and life. One of my greatest passions in life is to help others become the best versions of themselves through living a healthy lifestyle. Over 10 years ago I started living that ....

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  • How Your Personality Affects Your Exercise Behavior

    How Your Personality Affects Your Exercise Behavior

    How Your Personality Affects Your Exercise Behavior Do you ever look at someone and wonder how they can be so driven and accountable to matching their behaviors to their most important values? We might say to ourselves “I wish I had half the discipline that person does.” As a trainer, I see different levels of commitment all the time and try to figure out why some are not as driven or motivated as others. Every person has a unique personality and different levels of certain character traits that influence how they think, thereby influencing their physical actions and level of commitment to those actions. There are many factors that determine human behavior, specifically ....

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  • Personal Trainer Facility Manager

    Please see below for the current employment needs: personal trainers, nutrition coaches, managers, fitness professionals, and customer service.Full Time Personal Trainer Facility Manager Salaried, Retirement Benefits, Vacation, & Set Work Shift 11010 E. 28th St. N. Wichita, KS 67226 Are you looking for a stable career in fitness with a salary, benefits, and dedicated shift? Do you get excited about the idea of coming to work in a state-of-the-art facility designed just for training with lots of natural light? Do you want to earn above average pay while helping people improve their fitness and enhance their life? GoTimeTraining is looking for an exceptional Wichita Personal Trainer / ....

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  • Reshaping Negative Thoughts

    Reshaping Negative Thoughts

    Reshaping Negative Thoughts Into Positive Thoughts There’s a quote from Gandhi that basically amounts to explaining how our thoughts and beliefs create our lives and our futures. Some examples of just how true this is can be found every single time we struggle along our fitness journeys. Do any of these sound familiar? “ Even if I lose the weight, I’ll just gain it back…” “Of course I’d forget to pack my workout shoes, I’m such an idiot.” “Either I do it 100% or not at all.” The examples could fill a book, but the concept is clear. These are examples of cognitive distortions which are ....

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  • 5 Steps to Build Healthy Habits Without Struggling

    5 Steps to Build Healthy Habits Without Struggling

    Building Healthy Habits Without Sacrificing or Struggling Willpower comes and goes. Motivation ebbs and flows. Healthy habits help us grow. -Me. The idea of using habits to change lifestyles is not a new concept. It can actually be traced back to research into how to help people quit smoking in the 1900s. The author of Tiny Habits, BJ Fogg of Stanford University and the author of Atomic Habits , James Clear lay out the idea in really simple, easy to follow guidelines that actually take the reader through the steps of using habits that already exist within their lives to create new habits that ultimately lead to incredible results like weight loss, lower blood ....

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  • The ShapeUp Nutrition Challenge

    The ShapeUp Nutrition Challenge

    The ShapeUp 4-Week Nutrition Challenge Starts March 8th, 2021 Last Day To Join Is March 1st If you're ready now, get signed up here! (Sign-up before February 28th and get $30 off with promo code 'earlybird'. ) It's time to ShapeUp in 2021 because of 2020. From the stress of working at home, homeschooling, limited activities and limited gym access it may have been easy to put your nutrition on the back burner. If you are tired of your clothes fitting tighter and that morning coffee not giving you the energy you need, it's time to ShapeUp your nutrition. That's why we put together The ShapeUp 4-Week Nutrition Challenge. Our certified nutrition coaches ....

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