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One Mom’s Story on How to Have a Fit Pregnancy with eBook Download for Workouts, Nutrition, & Limitations

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One Mom’s Story on How to Have a Fit Pregnancy with eBook Download for Workouts, Nutrition, & Limitations

I remember it like yesterday.

Nearly one year ago I walked down the stairs to hand my husband, Ben, the positive pregnancy test.

If you’re a mom, you know that first feeling–the one of pure joy and terror all mixed into one big ball of pink and blue fuzzies.

My name is Andrea, and I’m the Creative Coordinator at GoTimeTraining. I started with the company as an office administrator and now I spend my days filming video, taking pictures (my fav), and creating online content around all things fitness and nutrition. You know, like having a fit pregnancy!

OK, back to my emotional rollercoaster…

I had so many thoughts running through my mind as I stared down at those two pink lines.

Thoughts like, am I ready? Would I be a good mom? I DON’T WANT TO GO THROUGH DELIVERY!

Wichita Personal TrainingAnd, what is going to happen to my body after delivery?!

In hindsight it was all worth it because now I have the most beautiful baby girl, Aria. 🙂

Before I got pregnant I had been exercising on a regular basis, typically three to four times per week. Fitness had become very important to me, not just because it’s apart of my job, but because it felt good to be strong and confident.

Now that I was pregnant, I didn’t want to do anything that would hurt the baby, or myself for that matter, but I did still wanted to work out. I knew there were so many benefits to working out while pregnant but I wasn’t sure about all the precautions. You know, the ins and out of having a fit pregnancy!

This is where I lucked out with working at GoTimeTraining, a Wichita personal training studio.

I had shared my concern with working out while pregnant with our Lead Personal Trainer, Raymond Elliott, and he quickly came to the rescue with an eBook he created. It’s all the tips you need to know from the first to third trimester for a fit pregnancy including nutrition, workouts, and contraindications.

And, the best part, it’s been reviewed by our dear client, Dr. Dawne Lowden, MD, FACOG. She is great and I think she has delivered half of the babies of parents at GoTimeTraining. Grab a free copy of the ebook here…

fit pregnancy gotimetraining wichita kansas personal training

I know the thought of working out might not sound appealing when you can’t even see your own two feet but for me, it helped my delivery process and allowed me to bounce back quickly. Yes, I got lots of stares at the gym but I had confidence in knowing what I could and couldn’t do.

Continuing to workout through my pregnancy allowed me to feel strong even through my 29 hours of delivery. I still have a few pounds that I’d like to lose but compared to what I’ve seen, I’ve bounced back quickly.

Now that I’m postpartum, I’ve kindly asked Raymond to create another program with safe workouts for me now that baby Aria is here. It’s hard to believe it’s been 2.5 months already.

Click here for the skinny on all things concerning postpartum exercise…including workout video instructions and how to guide to download! (coming soon)

Being pregnant was such a wonderful experience and I was of the lucky ones who didn’t have morning sickness. I do attribute my positive experience with being continually active to ensure a fit pregnancy.

I hope our GoTimeTraining eBook will be as helpful for you as it was for me!


AndreaAndrea Corwin
Creative Coordinator

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