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Low Calorie Foods & Where to Buy at Wichita Grocery Stores

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Low Calorie Foods & Where to Buy at Wichita Grocery Stores

Low calories foods makes you think "cardboard", right? At GoTimeTraining, a Wichita personal training gym, we don't believe you need to suffer to be healthy. A healthy lifestyle is all about balance and portions, not following a meal plan.

We share a lot of healthy recipes on our blog but we've never posted our list of top low calorie foods. These are real foods that we, personal trainers, buy weekly at the grocery store and add into our diets to help manage our cravings and sweet tooth. You can find all of these low calories foods at various Wichita grocery stores.

Dannon Light & Fit Greek Yogurt

Just like it sounds, this is a Greek style yogurt that offers lower sugar than most varieties and has a good dose of protein per serving, too. Dannon offers a wide variety of flavors and they all taste great. We've found that the best flavors are at Super Target. The caramel macchiato and coconut vanilla are among our favorites. If you like to buy in bulk and save some cash, opt for the quart sized container of the vanilla at SAMs Club or Walmart.


OatFit is a 100 calorie instant oatmeal packet that you'll find in Cinnamon Roll and Maple & Brown Sugar. The flavoring system is sugar free and they taste phenomenal. Not to mention, these packets are very handy since they also double as a measuring cup for your water. These cook up in 90 seconds and you'll find them at any grocery store but in Wichita, the Cinnamon Roll only seems to be available at Super Target.

Mama Lupe Low-Carb Tortillas

These tortillas are uber tasty and made local to Kansas so you might not be able to find them around the country. Each of these are only 7g of carbs so you can enjoy several of these on taco night! We buy them at SAMs Club as they are much cheaper than at Dillons.

Walden Farms Pancake Syrup

Walden Farms' products are all zero calories. They are essentially water and Sucralose (Splenda). Yes, it's an artificial sweetener but we won't open up that can of worms. We value the low calorie option to a classic condiment. Their syrups taste great and you can find their products at most grocery stores now days or online. The pancake syrup is harder to find in Wichita and only available at GreenAcres. The chocolate and caramel syrups are sold at Dillons though. Give it a whirl on your protein pancakes, oatmeal, or when baking as a sugar substitute.

Halo Top Ice Cream

If you're looking for a great alternative to your nightly ice cream habit then you need to try Halo Top! Halo Top is low-calorie, high-protein, AND low-sugar. They use only the best, all-natural ingredients to craft their ice cream so that it tastes just like regular ice cream. You can find the most variety in flavors at Dillons Marketplace! The vanilla bean, chocolate & birthday cake are our favorites! And, as you can see, it's only 240 or 280 calories per pint! :)

PB2 Powdered Peanut Butter

Just like it sounds, this is a powdered peanut butter that is great for topping foods like Dannon Light & Fit Greek Yogurt and Arctic Zero ice cream. You can also add it to protein shakes for a bit of peanut butter flavor if you are in need of a low-fat option. In fact, this product has more carbs in it than fat as it does have some added sugar. It comes in the traditional peanut butter flavor as well as chocolate.

Veggie Straw/Chips

Veggie chips & straws are a great way to still get your potato chip fix without all the extra carbs that comes with your chip! These are non-GMO, gluten free, cholesterol free, and have no artificial flavors or preservatives! They come in a variety of flavors (zesty ranch, sea salt & cheddar) as well as a variety of ways (straws, chips, puffs & stacks). You can find different flavors & varieties at WalMart. Costco and SAMs Club sell boxes of individually portioned bags if you need help with portion control!

Kim's Magic Pop

Kim’s Magic Pop machine makes fresh multi-grain cakes at kiosks in grocery stores. Because these puffed snack cakes are popped on-site, they are fresher and crisper than conventional rice cakes. The texture reminds people of popcorn, since Kim’s Magic Pop products are airy and crunchy at the same time. You can find them at Wichita's Dillons Marketplace or on Amazon. Kim’s Magic Pop products come in savory flavors such as original, onion, strawberry and cinnamon. Top them with chicken or tuna salad, peanut butter & banana, or Nutella!

Bragg's Liquid Aminos & Coconut Aminos

Don't want to eat plain rice? NO PROBLEM! Bragg's liquid aminos or coconut aminos are like LIQUID GOLD! They are a non-GMO Project Verified liquid protein concentrate, derived from soybeans. They contain the 16 naturally occurring Essential and Non-essential Amino Acids! Use them to flavor rice, vegetables, salad and even meat proteins! The best part? There are ZERO calories in 1/2 a teaspoon! You can find this little gem at Dillons, Natural Grocers, Wichita Whole Foods Market , and GreenAcres Market!

Skinny Syrups

Skinny syrups are a great way to add flavor to your coffee, tea or even your oatmeal! They come in a variety of flavors to make your favorite drink taste like a indulgence (even though it's not!).They're proud to offer a line of delicious, zero calorie, sugar free drink mixes made in the USA. You can find a huge variety of Skinny Syrups at Gordmans, with additional flavors depending on the season! Some of our personal favorites are caramel & chocolate!

Bolthouse Farms Greek Yogurt Dressing

Do you ever feel like your stuck between a rock and a hard spot!? No one wants to eat salad without the dressing or give up so many of their calories to their dressing! Well we have an EASY solution for you! Bolthouse Farms has a variety of dressings that are Greek yogurt based, low calorie, and have AMAZING flavor! They can be found at Dillons, Target or WalMart in the refrigerated section by the bagged salads! One of our personal favorites is Cilantro Avocado (it's great on salad or even in a Mama Lupes Tortilla with chicken and spinach!) Go give them a try!

LaCroix Sparkling Water

Let's face it, plain old water can get boring so LaCroix's zero calorie flavored sparkling waters are an enjoyable option over diet sodas or Crystal Light. You'll find this stuff at nearly every grocery store but Wichita Super Target carries the most flavor options from what we've seen.

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