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IFPA Certified Personal Trainer & PN1 Nutrition Certified

Been in the Fitness Industry Since: 2010


IFPA Advanced CPT, FMS Level 2, PN Level 1 Coach, Army MFT, Tactical Strength and Conditioning Facilitator


Throughout my entire life I was always an active person. As a young child I was introduced to competitive sports through my mother and father which carried on throughout my teenage years. While finishing up high school, I decided to join the military where physical fitness was of high importance. Throughout my Basic and AIT training, I excelled as the highest performer in my company on the APFT (Army Physical Fitness Test). While deployed overseas in 2006, the chance for conducting physical fitness started to become nonexistent due to the high stress and high volume working atmosphere. Upon returning home in August of 2007, the though of exercise and clean nutrition did not cross my mind like it had before.

In 2008, I moved to Wichita and that’s when I started noticing a physical change in my appearance, it wasn’t a good change! I decided to get a membership at a local gym in attempt to get back into shape. This would be the first time that I would actually weigh myself, only to be disappointed in myself. My weight increased almost 20 percent from before being deployed. While trying to get back into a gym routine, I was also attending school and working part time. Work and school started to interfere with my frequency of working out.  In 2009, I joined a Reserve unit and found out how out of shape I really was. The Reserves began recording me height and weight, as well as my Body Mass Index. This is what motivated me to revamp my diet and lifestyle, and dedicate myself to transforming my body.

I began educating myself on the importance of nutrition and what foods I needed to incorporate to start successfully reducing my weight. I started to work in the fitness department at a sporting goods store where I began incorporating and exploring more in-depth information on fitness and nutrition. I started going to the gym first thing in the mornings and over a couple months I was losing weight with success and never looked back. I received my Personal Training Certification from the I.F.P.A. in 2011. Just recently, I graduated with a degree in Criminal Justice, but my passion to help others through my own personal transformation and knowledge in exercise has set me on a different path. To see others motivated to change and step up to achieving their fitness and lifestyle goals, only makes my passion grow.


I love GoTime because of the variety of client backgrounds. Able to build a relationship ship with almost everyone that comes through the door. From the team and the family, I'm able to learn from them as much as they are from me.

Special Interests:

Collecting sports memorabilia, traveling and reading military history.

Fun Fact:

I'm a huge fan of some of the hottest Sauces and Salsa (Like ghost peppers and Carolina Reapers influenced)

Favorite Splurge Food:

Great burgers

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